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Giant Angus MacAskill Museum, Isle of Skye

Giant Angus MacAskill Museum, Dunvegan, Isle of Skye

I love quirky museums.  The Giant Angus MacAskill Museum, Dunvegan’s main Street on the Isle of Skye (tel: 01470 521296), is one of my favourites.  Angus MacAskill stood at 7ft 8in and weighed 425lbs.   He was born in 1825 on Berneray (Western Isles) and lived there until he was 6 years old.   In 1831 his parents were forced to emigrate to America as a result of the Highland Clearances.  The family, which included 10 children, settled in St. Ann’s, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  Angus soon gained recognition for his ‘strongman’ abilities and found himself performing in a travelling show alongside General Tom Thumb.  He toured throughout North America and Europe, becoming extremely wealthy in the process.   He died on 8th August 1863 of a ‘brain fever’.   Although Angus never came to Skye, he did spend his first few years on an island less than 30 miles away.   The museum was established in 1989 by local man Peter MacAskill as a tribute to this extraordinary gentleman. 

Model of Giant Angus MacAskill


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