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Sean Henry Sculptures – Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Salisbury Cathedral is currently hosting a temporary exhibition of sculpture by English artist Sean Henry, ‘Conflux – A Union of the Sacred and the Anonymous’, which will continue until 31st October 2011.  The exhibition, curated by Jacquiline Creswell, has been extremely successful with over 40,000 visitors in August alone.  Nineteen polychrome sculptures are located both inside and outside of the Cathedral in a manner which encourages the viewer to contemplate the surroundings from a new perspective.  This is the largest collection of polychrome sculptures on display at Salisbury Cathedral since the Reformation.  

'Walking Woman' (2008) by Sean Henry. Bronze, all weather paint. 76cm x 125cm x 217cm


'Walking Woman' (2008) by Sean Henry.

Canon Treasurer Mark Bonney, chairman of the Cathedral’s Exhibitions Committee, said “The title of Sean Henry’s exhibition expresses quite succinctly what visitors to the Cathedral will see. ‘Conflux’ means a bringing together and this exhibition unites Sean’s contemporary, secular sculpture with our existing medieval, classical sculptures. The Cathedral’s ‘sacred’ sculptures celebrate historically important men and women and the glories of faith whilst Sean’s sculptures depict the humanity of contemporary secular man and pay homage to the ‘anonymous’ and unknown.” (Quote taken from Salisbury Cathedral’s ‘In the News’ webpage)

'Standing Man' (2007) by Sean Henry. Displayed in the Cathedral Cloisters. Bronze, oil paint and wood. 61cm x 61cm x 175cm.


'The Indifferent Sky' (2011) by Sean Henry. Displayed in the Cathedral Cloisters. Bronze, cor-ten steel, all weather paint. 237cm x 120cm x 149cm.
  • For further information on this exhibition, click here.
  • For further information on Sean Henry, click here.
  • A new book about the exhibition SEAN HENRY: CONFLUX at Salisbury Cathedral has been published by Scala Publishers and is available from today, via Sean Henry’s website, from Scala Publishers and Osborne Samuel Gallery.




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