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Happy 1st Birthday ‘Come Step Back In Time’…..

Firstly, a belated happy 1st birthday to ‘Come Step Back in Time’, what an incredible year it has been. Since the 28th July 2011, I have written 103 articles (totalling 127,000 words, phew!), taken nearly 11,000 photographs, attracted over 27,000 readers and met many inspirational individuals who are equally as passionate about bringing history to life as I am.  I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for helping make this blog such an extraordinary success. Without all of your loyalty, fascinating comments and feedback this blog would not be as it is today. All of you inspire me to continue, so thank you.

Secondly, an apology.  I currently have a huge backlog of over fourteen articles that need to be finished.  Over the last three or four months I have attended superb history events, visited brilliant and quirky museums, interviewed some dedicated historians, private collectors, historical interpreters and vintage enthusiasts. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances (explained below) my in-tray is currently towering above my out-tray.  However, I am now finally in a position to rectify this situation and lots of lovely articles will begin appearing here shortly. Rest assured, if you are waiting to hear from me you will do so this month, early next. It is important to me that my articles are well-written and researched, a rush job just isn’t my style and doesn’t do the topic concerned the justice it deserves. You now all have my full concentration once again.

Actually, my ‘unforeseen circumstances’ are really rather exciting.  I have been filming a new series for British television, due to air in 2013.  I am afraid beyond that small snippet of information, I am not allowed to tell you anything more at the moment.  However, I promise to keep you informed of transmission dates etc as and when the production company let me know.  I also have an associated project in development which will take a little longer to come to fruition but you will be the first to know when it does. It is gathering apace as I write this article, so keep your fingers crossed for me it all comes together in 2013.  Thrilling times ahead for Come Step Back in Time….

Finally, in celebration of my blog’s birthday and other exciting occurrences, I decided to give my site a bit of a make-over.  Hope you like it?

To keep you all going until my next batch of articles, here are some fun images from various vintage knitting patterns that I brought recently.

Thank you for all of your support and here’s to another fantastic year of history blogging.

Tank top chic is back! September 1947.
Crochet hat, 1947.
A grey sweater with mustard and burgundy detail, September 1947.
A navy and white sweater, September 1947.
Patons & Baldwins Ltd’s knitting pattern book for 1958.
A 1920’s inspired green hat from 1958!
Such a cute look from 1958. A 3-ply, sweater with coolie cap-sleeves.
1958, hand knitted jacket from Vienna.
1960s. I love this look. A Woman’s Own knitting pattern: ‘Heavy jacket in ripple nylon. An unusual neckline, side fastening and important buttons are Paris pointers in this elegant jacket.’
July 1969 knitting pattern book.
1969, summer knitted dress with Fair Isle yoke.
1969, knitted t-shirt.
July 1969. Machine knitted, ribbed dress.

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