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Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – The Three Queen Salute Southampton

Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth in the front and Queen Victoria behind. Mayflower Park, Southampton, Tuesday 5th July 2012.

If you celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee over the last five days then I hope you had a wonderful time doing so, despite the pretty awful weather.  I thought I would bring you images from one of my highlights, the Cunard Three Queens Diamond Jubilee in Southampton, Hampshire.  We got up at 4.45am yesterday and made our way down to Mayflower Park armed with a flask of coffee and camera.  It really was incredible and worth the ridiculously early start, luckily the rain stayed away for this event.

Cunard’s Queen Victoria.

A large and good-natured crowd turned-up at Mayflower Park to greet the three Queens and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. When we arrived at 5.15am, the Queen Elizabeth was already in position at City Terminal to start the bow-to-bow configuration.  The Queen Victoria tucked herself behind the Queen Elizabeth and the majestic Queen Mary 2 passed by them both, saluting and creating a Three Bow formation. The Queen Mary 2 continued on to Ocean Terminal.  The water was full of firetugs and flotillas, a mini-river pageant without all the royal bling.  All three ships sailed out of Southampton by 11pm that evening.

Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth on the right and in the distance Cunard’s Queen Mary 2.
Queen Mary 2 with firetugs and flotillas.

Well wishes to the Queen from Cunard’s Queen Mary 2.

The event was the perfect precursor to P & O Cruises Grand Event, which celebrates 175 years of the company’s heritage and takes place on Tuesday 3rd July 2012, from 6pm, in Southampton.  On 3rd July, all seven of Cunard’s cruise ships will come together, in one place, for the very first time and then sail out of Southampton on their respective cruises. The ships taking part will be: Adonia; Arcadia; Aurora; Azura; Oceana; Oriana and Ventura.

Cupcakes I made as gifts for my neighbours to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.